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"Drake Isle"
by Cogitasne

A large volcanic island in the eastern reaches of the Dragon Sea, Drake Isle is the home of a powerful magician from New Thalos. He moved to this remote location in order to conduct his experiments in peace and seclusion, the city was much too crowded for his secretive personality to tolerate. Little did the mage know, the island was not as barren as it had appeared. Now his retainers must be constantly vigilant for hunting drakes... or worse. A powerful warrior of the Thalosian Church has recently launched an expedition into the lair of the drakes, but he has not been seen or heard from since.

"Revenge" by Arizhel
"Bloodline" by Silverking
Drake Isle, including Holn's tower

The heart of the volcanic island
A drake's-eye view of the island

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