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Austinpowers Name: Austinpowers
Title: Co-Implementor
Began JediMUD: 1993

I started to mud back in 1993. I was working in a lab which gave me access to all kinds of stuff. I had a friend playing and using IRC back then. He introduced me to the game. I was hooked from that day forward. I multied a ton, just so I could power mud. I have since traveled places to meet people I had developed friendships with.

A little about me. I code for JediMUD, and always have coded in C for a hobby. I was given the chance to asst coder in 2010, which lead to full time. My first love is my family, being from Ohio, I have to travel back and forth to New York to see them. My second love, and my dream job, is being a Network Engineer. I had a dream, it was to become the best at what I do. I finally achieved this long term goal when I was offered a position as Network designer. I specialize in VRF-lite, Routing/Switching, and Wireless. I am/have been studying for my CCIE, which is by far one of the hardest exams to take. That includes taking the "Bar", and "Medical boards". I hope we make JediMUD a place you want to make and continue friendships.

I thank you all for playing, and hope you enjoy the mud!



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