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So, how do I go about building a zone?

First, you have to get permission from Kailyn, JediMUD's current Implementor. Getting permission from Kailyn is quite simple, and entails two basic steps:

You should have an immortal (or a remorted mortal character) on JediMUD in order to build.
You must fill out an area application before you begin

Keep in mind when you write your zone application that JediMUD is looking for zones with a medieval theme. Don't get it into your head that we absolutely must have a Pokemon zone! In addition, we are looking for original zones that contain no copyrighted material. Finally, zones that exist on other MUDs are off limits for use on JediMUD. This final note covers zones that are plagiarized, as well as zones that you have permission to copy.

Okay, now that I have permission to build my zone, where do I go from here?

JediMUD has online creation, so you will have multiple ways to build: 1) You can use a text editor, such as vi or pico (or even Notepad, if you really must) in order to build your zone. 2) OLC - Online creation. There are many commands now available. Zedit (zone edit), Medit (mobile edit), Oedit (object edit), Sedit (shop edit), redit (room edit), Assedit (assemblies edit). Zlist, mlist, olist, slist, rlist are all commands that can show you other information from that zone you specify. These techniques are covered in the builder documentation.

Where do I get the information I need to build my zone?

The JediMUD builder documentation has been put together in a browseable online format by Spiritwalker. The builder documents are also available in a downloadable form here on this site. (

Step's JediMUD Zone File Tutorial contains highly useful information on how to utilize zone files, in order to use them to their full potential. A must-read for any builder wanting to learn more about the zone file! (Steppin's Guide to Zone building)

Austinpowers's Guide to JediMUD Mob Procs, Room procs and Object procs contains an extensive rundown of the special procedures available to today's zone file writers, including recent additions to the code, which may not be covered in the original builder documentation.
(Comming soon!)


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