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                    *      JediMUD 6.1 Changes    *
July 11th, 2022 - Update - Various improvements to comm.c 

July 6th, 2022  - Bug Fix - to Iedit to fix a bug - skipping out of parser. 
                - Update  - update to genobj/genmob/genwld to allow procs to
                            be copied as well.
                - Update  - update to rent saving/loading to now account for

June 2nd, 2022  - Change - removal of vowel check from illegal characters. Which protects against 
                           Brute force attacks removed at the behest of other admin.
                  Update - Zone 236 (Lower doom)  was updated by Despair.

Apr. 15th, 2022 - Bug fix  - Updated bug for clients to be less restrictive. 
                  Change   - History command will now clear after viewing history of a command.

Apr. 13th, 2022 - Addition - Code now supports UT8 commands, incase of legacy clients

Apr. 13th, 2022 - Bug fix - protocols - Same bug as in history code - due to client buffer 
                            overflow (crashes client).
                  Update  - Upon detecting a version difference by a rented object, it now 
                            immediately saves out that object. 

Apr. 11th, 2022 - Bug Fix - Bug in history code. History[0] was set to null and on certain
                            clients if a buffer overflow happens it caused the game to choke 
                            on freeing that element.

Apr. 5th , 2022   Update - Update to prompt code to ensure telnet has a clean disconnect

Mar. 26th, 2022   Addition - IEDIT added - Individual object edit.

Mar. 25th, 2022   Bug Fix - Removed DB configs from Rent. Fixed missing "$~" from rent files.
                  Bug Fix - Added Crash_crashrent() to sacrifice. This was to address potential dupe bug 
                            when remorting.   
                  Added   - Added "Findrent" to admin commands. This is also a binary command for game utilties.
                            Find object vnum in rent files. 
                  Added   - Added "findunique" to admin commands. This was added to search for DUPE items based 
                            on object vnum and Unique ID.                  
                  Added   - object scripting engine. Now you can validate insurance on an object, 
                            and add/remove it from script.                 
                  Removed - Extra descripions on rent save out. I have removed the loading/saving of these.  
                  Bug Fix - Fixed restorebackup command. I had a typo when validating existing backup.

Mar. 20th, 2022   Bug Fix - ANSI is fixed, it saves out but really is auto set. A missing
                            eMSDP define caused that issue. It is now fixed.
                  Bug Fix - containers now save/load correctly. (IE: Toy box) 
                  Bug Fix - Corpses do not load/save now.
                  Bug Fix - DUPE code now fixed. a mixing of code bases caused a miss
                            on my side that GET_ID was no longer used and was replaced
                            by char_script_id() and obj_scrip_ID(). These
                            values are now added into the dupe database correctly.
                  Bug Fix - Missing Extra Descript when renting. It was saved but never loaded.

Mar. 18th, 2022   Bug Fix - IS_CORPSE was incorrectly defined causing issues in the game.                            

Mar. 10th, 2022   Bug fix - When casting a spell and no spell is called it would crash. That is now fixed.
                  Bug Fix - Banning sites did not work, i have now fixed this.

Mar. 8th,  2022   Update  - God command unraffale now replaced with "set game raffle on/off"
                  Update  - Some refinements to Protocol code. 
Mar. 3rd,  2022 - Bug Fix - Fixed other protocols saving out. Ansi still not saving
                  Bug Fix - Admin had issues when using at/goto due to 
                            a bug in checkig builders of a zone. That is now fixed

Mar. 6th,  2022 - Update  - Added new MSDP confirmations for Rooms/Affects/
                            equipment and inventory.
                  Bug Fix - Several Mysql messages were incorrect. I have updated
                            them to reflect their true table calling and removed
                            the calls to add new char aferwards.

Mar. 2nd,  2022 - Update  - New Admin command - new set command crashinsure
                            this will allow admin to claim or restore 
                            crash insurance. 
                            New Admin command - restorebackup. Admin can
                            now restore EXISTING backup file if rent file
                            were to corrupt, accdently delete, or crash
                            insurane reimburse (if necessary). Backup file
                            MUST EXIST. Makes it easier to recover file
                            without having to involve AP.   

Mar. 1st,  2022 - Bug fix - Perma objects during combat would remove affect
                            and add back. It was due to gain_exp() saving char
                            which removes the affect to save char then adds
                            it back after the save to disk was complete.
                            I have removed save_char() from Gain_experience.
                  Bug Fix - Liquid containers - I have reverted to a new code base
                            for liquid names. Removing/adding as liquid changes.
                            Thanks to Wehr and Catnip for testing.

Feb. 28th, 2022 - Bug Fix - DT's and Dt times were not being loaded correctly
                            from player file. Turns out ">" instead of "<" was
                  Bug Fix - Left over code was left in as part of the Extraction
                            clean up causing entire rent files to drop all. That
                            was cleaned up and removed. 
                  Bug Fix - A line of code in name_from_drinkcon() was not correct
                            and was removed.   
                  Obj update - All drink containers had the drink type added
                               as the last keyword. This is to match the
                               original intent of liquid-containers. Removing
                               and adding the liquid type after pouring out
                               or filling from.

Feb. 22nd, 2022 - Bug Fix - Bug Fix - Dupe objects are now removed.
                  Bug Fix - add_unique_id missing from several object loads.
                  Bug Fix - Fixed dupe code when unique_id was -1. Code now
                            handles this. 
                  Bug Fix - Object version upgrade will now only announce one time

Feb. 21st, 2022 - Bug Fix - AS part of the updated extraction code, it became
                            necessary to ensure mobs that were flagged as MOB_NOTDEADYET
                            as part of the extraction code did not execute spec_procs.
                            this causes several crashes on the proudction port.

Feb. 20th, 2022 - Bug fix - repair of double corpses
                  UPDATE - updated object insurance and DT card in extract_char
                           to now follow TBAMUD. Removed all instances of
                           extract_pending_char() except from Comm.c
                  CLEANUP - Removed logging from rent system, and other various
                            areas we had logging that was no longer necessary. 

Dec. 29th, 2021 - Bug fix - Onivel keeps sneaking bugs. Fixed null damage
                            when sink is thrown.
                            Onivel no longer attacks his guards with Sink.

Dec. 21st, 2021 - Bug fix - Double free issue when mutiple logins are happening. 
                  Bug fix - removed echo_on/off and replaced with ProtocolEchoOn
                            this is take advantage of MSDP upon negotiation.

Sept. 23rd,2021 - Bug fix - Updates to ZONE validations. ZONE closed now allows 
                  movement in the zone so long as you were in that zone already. 
                  Otherwise it blocks as normal.
                - Bug fix - Update to ZONE validations Zone flags now check the name
                  of character vs the zone creator name. To allow them to work on the
                  zone as normal.

Sept. 17th,2021 - MOB_GHOSTLY was accidently left out of the code. The purpose of this 
                  flag was to remove corpse generation for the mobile. All would fall to

Sept. 11th,2021 - Multiple typo's and Bug reports fixed. Zones 350,118,170 removed from
                  game. They are in development and should not have been in this release.

Sept. 4th, 2021 - Bug fix - fix of isname vs is_name for get all. or buy
                            is_name uses abbreviations, while isname does not.
                  Bug fix - ranger forage fix. - Filthy rat had a flag issue.

July 13th, 2021 - Bug fix - any mobile using "tell" such as shops are now fixed.
                  UPDATE - Prefedit now updated to negotation protocols, but does not
                           affect initial negotiation.
                  UPDATE - Added another telnet protocol to the negotiation window.
                  CLEAN  - Removed extraineous log statements from the code. Was used for debugging
                           and no longer needed.

July 12th, 2021 - UPDATE - Protocol update for MSDP detection.

July 05th, 2021 - Hardware - New hardware platform unvailed.  

May. 12th, 2021 - Bug fix - upon rent/cryo a random check for rent code was
                            inserted to delete disk file. However, it did
                            not use the SQL file. That is now fixed.
May. 11th, 2021 - Bug fix - Cryo rent did not have SQL code in it. - Fixed

May. 10th, 2021 - ANNOUNCMENT: JediMUD 6.1 released - if you have any issues with
                               characters, rent, banking, policies. Please let an admin
                               know and will address it manually. 
                               HELP FILES ARE STILL BEING ADDED BACK.

May. 1st, 2021  - UPDATE - Group system reverted back to old JediMUD system. Please see
                           help group and help autogroup
                           Nuke spells, groups spells all updated.
                - UPDATE - Rent now using SQL

Apr. 12th, 2021 - UPDATE - Nuke spells converted to new Group system.
                         - Communal Prayer now fixed, and converted
                           to new group system.

Apr. 10th, 2021 - UPDATE - MudMail was converted over to Mysql with a new menu
                           system. Objects are more incorporated into this now.

                - UPDATE - I have started to add help and immortal help
                  files back into the new system.

                - Added new MSDP features into the game. Will be adding more
                  as i go along.

Apr. 7th, 2021  - UPDATE - Added Policy back, added Pedit (policy editor). This is
                           all based on SQL. All Policy files now added to SQL.

Apr. 6th, 2021  - UPDATE - Help files/hedit revamped to use SQL now. Has a new format
                           for output. We now time stamp changes. Files are tagged
                           in SQL as unique key that now allows multiple keywords
                           to be assoicated to that keyword.  Still adding
                           ihelp/help/olc to this format.

Mar. 27th, 2021 - Add - Banking system now in and active. It is based on SQL.

Mar. 13th, 2021 - UPDATE - Conversion done again on the databases. Tested new SQL 
                           commands. New updates to add missing characters, or delete
                           characters that should no longer be there. 

Mar. 12th, 2021 - UPDATE - SQL overhauled and cleaned up. SQL is now always on and 
                           queries are updated to reflect better searches.

                - Bug fixes - Various misconfigurations in god command set
                  have been repaired or removed. 
Mar. 10th, 2021 - UPDATE - Game overhauled to use "const char" instead of "char"
                           in most cases.
                  UPDATE - Game upgraded to support C++
                  UPDATE - Performance moniter installed for GODS+
                  UPDATE - FEATS on hold - New system will be installed.

Mar. 3rd,  2021 - BUG FIX - Removal of clear simple list and updated to use
                            a reiterator
Feb. 21st, 2021 - UPDATE - Happyhour now tracks who sponsored it

Feb. 16th, 2021 - UPDATE - Global Peace now added
                         - Global flags added
                - UPDATE - Update to Puff Speach
                           Puff can now make all mobiles in world aggresive

Jan. 24th, 2021 - UPDATE - stat characters now show procs BDLR and Above now.

Jan. 13th, 2021 - UPDATE - Group change - Charmies once they lost their 
                           mortal leader would form a NPC group. I have 
                           changed that functionality from TBAMUD to 
                           ungroup everyone upon disolving group.
                - Add - Added charmie mob timer to Cedit (Game config edit)
                        Now we can edit this if we ever want to change the
                        mobile wanders off.

Jan. 12th, 2021 - UPDATE - Timers for Zone/Movement/violence/mobs updated to
                           use old jedi timer. 
                  UPDATE - Tick and Heartbeat updated to match old Jedi.
                  Bug fix - order fol fol now fixed.

Jan. 10th, 2021 - BUG fix - Groups had dual removal of characters going on
                  which crashed the game upon group ungroup. That is now fixed

Jan. 9th, 2021  - Removal of Blowfish encryption. unfortunately i do not
                  the ability to decrypt and then re-encrypt. I do not have
                  all the unecrypted passwords.
                - UNGROUP has been removeed. It is now part of group command.
                  Please see help group.  command is now group ungroup

Jan. 1st, 2021  - command change - Protection from Anarchy now protects against
                  all mobs and nymphs. Removing the restriction in procs that
                  only evil mobs would be affected and added to nymphs proc.

Dec. 30th, 2020 - BUG fix- Show zhistory  (zone history) had a typo in the command
                  when improperly executed. That is now fixed.
                - BUG fix- Did not check for closed zone to see if it was owned
                  buy builder blocking going into the zone.
                - Bug Fix - Movement for a closed zone blocked all immortals.
                  Now it only blocks Immortals below BLDR.       

Dec. 24th, 2020 - Mail objects that had enchants are now blocked. If the
                  item is not original state, we will not mail it for now. 
                - Bug fix - Oedit missing return state
                - Bug Fix - Fread string - loading of descriptions. Now it
                  load raspberry PI OS. 
                - Bug fix - Fix of sql for findrent binary. 
                - Bug fix - set  passwd - if pin was not present
                  still tried to execute. Mysql was not updating the player
                  profile password. 

Jun. 26th, 2020 - TBAMUD updates applied
                - Upgraded IDXTYPE from Unsigned Short Int to Insigned Interger
                - Converted databases to Tbamud database flags (We were Capital to lowercase)
                  now (lowercase to Capital letters)
                - Echo, Gecho, Zecho, Techoto - seperated out game cmds
                - Bug fix - Score -> only displays DT infomrmation if you hit one
                - Buf fix - Score -> legacy values stored in older characters, removed. 
                                     RNUM instead of VNUM
                - Trigger ID's now assigned on use instead of boot time.
                - genzon updated to handle unsigned Intergers- Val from 65535 to 4M+
                - Obj spells -> converted and upped to 4 spells w/ percent fire, 
                                combat or not, LVL of spell
                - Bug fix - Object edit dropped unique ID and Generation time if an update
                            was made in OEDIT. That is now fixed.
                - Bug fix - object edit did not update version.
                - bug index_data - did not allow past 9999, we can now get to 4M+
                - bug spec-procs - OLC editors - Num 1-5 would corrupt if not preset prior
                                   to update.
                - Obj Timers saved and loaded in rent. Allows for more complex trigger quests.
                - Spell editor - Added/being added
                - house editor - Added
                - Onivel Fixed
                - Group Overhauled. Group order removed. Please see help group
                                    Followers and Groups now split out
                - Trigger database also updated to new TBAMUD standard
                - Throw fixed. Issue with added variable check that did not belong.
                - Bug fix - Drink containers - fill/empty/fill
                - Drink containers now update drink type as last keyword
                        when filled. 
                - To be finished:
                  -- Automate Rename via main menu
                  -- Password encryption being converted to blowfish with longer then 8
                     charaters allowed.
                  -- Banking system - When enabled you can log into an account
                                      you created with any character you own
                                      if you do not have an account it reverts
                                      to old system.
                  -- Feats added: feats available  or just feats and you
                                  can see what is coming. Feats will be race based 
                                  class based, or dependant on skills/spells other feats.             

   --- Kailyn, Austinpowers, Ching, Ego, Despair, Sand, Lordwilliam and Hurin
           The JediMUD Implementation Team -- jedi-admin@@jedimud.com
           JediMUD URL: http://www.jedimud.com/



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