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Ching Name: Ching
Title: God
Began JediMUD: 1994

I started playing Jedi in 1994 when introduced to it by "Malikai” who worked for me at the U.C. Santa Barbara Computer Center. I used to be a game master, for several different types of roll playing games (mostly D&D), from 1982 until about 1988. I have always been active in gaming, starting with card and board games with my family, and role playing games when I moved to Santa Barbara for College, in 1979 after 2 years at Humboldt State University of California at Arcata California.

I started with my cleric as my immortal but when they put in the reroll ability he got such a good set of stats that I remorted him and moved my thief up here. My wife is from Canton China and has the name Ching Chuen for quiet river (or quiet spring.) I took “quiet” for the name of my thief. That is how my cleric ended up with a character ID of 10, while my immortal has an ID of 44 (this is not my first character.) Because this character is based off of my wife, I have used her for the descriptions on both this character and her statue. When I think of viewing her statue, I usually think of this picture.

My spare time actives currently include: Jedi, Hunting, Fishing, Single Action Shooting Society (SASS-cowboy stile competitive shooting), Church (where my wife and I teach Sunday School every other month), archery, fencing, and reading of all kinds of books. The books are mostly history, SF, and some very out of the ordinary stuff (like manuals/ how to books.) My kids also plays games (including D&D) with friends and cousins, but not as often as we would like.

My son started playing Jedi when he was 12 years old. He wanted to create his own characters, which I help him with from time to time. However he had trouble getting about Jedimud because of the complexity of the directions. I had a printed sheet for most areas on how to get someplace, but he is visually oriented probably because of years of video games. Here is a pic of him and when he was 13 on a vacation at the Big Trees.

Because of work we usually are on at different times. Sometimes we do get to mud together, but not as much as I would like.

The most important thing, after God, to me is my family. Currently I work at IBM as an IT Architect. You can find me on Jedi when work or family life does not keep me too busy. You can usually talk to me if you see me on, as I try to be helpful and available.


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