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Doc Name: Doc
Title: Co-Implementor
Began JediMUD: July 1992 (prior to opening)

I began mudding sometime in the summer or fall of 1990, switched from LP to Diku in early 1992, and began playing jedi just before it opened to the public. (Few people probably remember Kirby.)

After Imming in December of 1992, I quickly rose through the ranks until I was offered an Administrative position in August of 1993. So you're stuck with me. Get over it. :)

Outside of the mud (there IS an outside), I enjoy writing short fiction and poetry, as well as musical parodies and other various kinds of filk [no, that's NOT a typo -- Click here for more information] music.) My taste in music is legendarily eclectic, and contains many artists you've never heard of, including Stan Rogers, Horslips, Hawkwind, The Flash Girls, Boiled in Lead, Leslie Fish, Heather Alexander, Bill & Brenda Sutton, Julia Ecklar, Tom Smith, Steve MacDonald, Three Weird Sisters, Phoenix, Wilderwood, Dandelion Wine, Sam Baardman, Cheryl Wheeler, Tanya Savory, Ben Wakeman, Joe Bethencourt, Jane Robinson, and Cynthia McQuillen. I also have a tremendous appreciation for 80s New Wave, and can often be found trying to give away money to people who can identify the lyrics to 15 year old songs.

I am an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy. Favourite authors include Robert Heinlein, Mark Helprin, Robert Asprin, Peter David, Steven Brust, Emma Bull, and Spider Robinson. I also read a large number of comic books (my one great vice), and I'm especially fond of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Jamie Delano, Peter David (again), Grant Morrison, Matt Wagner, Mark Waid, and Dave Sim.

By day, I am a Systems Administrator for ISP Alliance, Inc., a job I owe, like many other long-time Jedites, to the mud. This job is the most spiritually satisfying, not to mention lucrative, job I've ever held, and it would not have been possible without the skills and contacts I developed over 6 years of working on Jedi.

I am also the Webmaster and Assistant Editor for Aphelion Webzine, a monthly original fiction webzine dedicated to SF, Fantasy, and Horror. There are a lot of wonderful stories published here, as well as columns, reviews, and other features, including a wickedly funny daily comic strip. You can also read some of my writing here.

Peace and long life to you all.



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