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EgoName: Hurin
Title: Demi-God
Began JediMUD: 1995

A little about me for those who care and are not stalkers!! I'm just your average Joe, GI Joe special forces commando/friendly mudder that is!!! Well maybe not so much the special forces commando part but I was in the active Army for about 8 years, where I spent a majority of that time either mudding, in a drunken stupor or keeping the world safe for democracy or drunken mudding from home while battling commies!! I started mudding way back in high school on Jedi and am still here amazingly, although I have many times said farewell and then gave away all my stuff and deleted my characters only to return again. I enjoy many aspects of the game; running quests (despite all the complaining that accompanies it), playing in quests, the excitement when you just loaded your 3rd torn in a row, or seeing the newbie you helped a few months ago turn around and help you when you truly need it, but most importantly I enjoy the company of those few I call friends. I just got off of active duty where I spent 8 years sitting behind computers/military systems or standing behind my soldiers training them on that crap and decided to back up that experience with a degree and I am enrolled for comp science at UW-Milwaukee (where someone else I worship went as well!!!). So for now I'm just sitting back waiting for school to finish and then see where life will take me, while most of that is uncertain I certainly know that I'll proally be sitting on jedi for many years to come. .


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