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Kailyn Name: Kailyn
Title: Implementor
Began JediMUD: August 1992

I started mudding in late August of 1992, when one of my friends invited me to come to the VAX lab after lunch and 'check out this game.' I never imagined then that I'd become admin a year later, let alone that I'd still be playing 6 years down the road. Had I anticipated such a long run, I might have avoided naming my third character with the name I intended to use for my firstborn daughter -- but fortunately, most mudders seem capable of telling the difference between us.

I've always thought of the mud as an alternate universe -- a place we've created to give our players another world to visit when they want a break from the real one. Yet, I find that the mud doesn't obey such easy boundaries and stay out of my real life; it's crept into it in innumerable ways. My life is unquestionably more complicated as a result, but I believe it's also richer.

I thank you all for playing, and hope you enjoy the mud!



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