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                  <|Welcome to JediMUD Version 6.1|>
******** Please Ensure your client scripts are correct. All our crashes the past
         several few weeks have been due to incorrect client scripts. I can see it
         immediately in the game logs. However, since its the client script
         is corrupted, I cannot determine who or how or what caused it. I am working
         on it.

******** A RAFFLE has ended. Rickers was the winner of the Raffle! 
         Item is a Rincavronon (A belt) +1 dam +1 Dex AC 5 - This will be the only one in game/rent.

******** Reminder to all mortals, the command "backup" has existed for over a year. Please
         use it, it's your best friend for rent issues. Admin now have ability to restore
         rent file without involving AP.

******** The migration to Spectrum is complete. It took quite a bit of work to get the firewall
         to work with the new Spectrum business class hardware. 
         new IP is I highly recommend you use jedimud.com just in case. - AP

******** As a temporary measure, I am logging full out levels. Levels have not changed in
         20+ years, so we are reluctant to change this without data. 

******** This is a reminder for current or returning players. We have insurance in the game.
         We have two types of insurance, DT or Crash. DT only covers an object due to DT, and
         is automatically inacted upon the DT. Please see help insurance
         Crash insurance covers anything outside of a DT, that causes the rent file to have an
         issue. Please see help crash-insurance.

*******  Please see help mail for new mail system - > located in the change log in April update
         Please see help bank for the new bank system -> located in the change log in March update
         Please note Help/policy files were updated to new system -> please see change log in 
                                                                     april update

*******  New Hardware platform unvailed. Please see news

*******  JediMUD 6.1 has been released, please see changes. Help files are still being 
         added back.

*******  ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the constant Hacking attempts, I will be blocking
                       addresses, if by accident you happen to not get logged in,
                       please go to Discord to let me know. 

*******  ANNOUNCEMENT: Version 6.1 is getting close to release. I still need testing
                       of general play. Banking and Grouping is still under development.

*******   REMINDER: You can have two characters logged in, but
         you must log out any other character. Breaking link
         and logging in another character still counts as 3 characters.

*******  REMINDER: Several characters have been caught botting. We have
         said before, please do not BOT. Now warnings will be
         going out. If you feel that you have a reason we should ignore
         or forgo this rule, please state your case to the Jedi-Admin.
         Thank you.

***      We hope that you enjoy what we are trying to put forth!

--- Kailyn, Austinpowers, Ching, Ego, Despair, Sand, LordWilliam and Hurin
        The JediMUD Implementation Team -- jedi-admin	*jedimud.com
        JediMUD URL: http://www.jedimud.com/


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