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                  <| Welcome to JediMUD Version 6.0 |>
*** 05/27/2020 - Massive power hit from a transformer that exploded, sorry all.
                 Two misatkes in the way OLC saved out caused the game not to 
                 come back up.

*** 05/19/2020 - All jedimud email accounts and groups have been moved to
                 Microsoft 365. All has been tested and confirmed good. We
                 have removed our old jedimud accounts from our email server

*** 05/18/2020 - Quest tokens will be retired, and you will be able to cash
                 them in. They will be replaced with Quest points, and now
                 shops that are QUEST shops will accept them such as nienna.
                 Special quests will continue to use tokens to drop around
                 the world but you will need to cash them in for QP to be
                 useful. This will take place when the JediMUD 6.1 comes out.

                 JEDIMUD 6.1 will be releaesed in 2-3 weeks. We are still
                 testing. As a follow up FEATS will be introduced to give
                 characters more customizable features. We are working on
                 balancing between RACES/CLASSES, pre-requesites, dependancies. 

                 An annoucment on JediMUD 6.1 and all the updates in will be 
                 released in a few days.

*** 05/20/2020 - Please bare with the crashes, i assure you updates/chagnes
                 enhancements are coming. We will need testers to ensure
                 things work as intended.

*** 05/06/2020 - There is a bug in score that has to do with Last DT, place
                 and time. It has to do with characters that have no logged
                 in a long time and used the old method of saving a DT. 

*** 01/14/2020 - Major hardware and power upgrade to main server on Sat.
                 01/18/2020 starting at 10AM EST. Will be down unti at least
                 2PM EST. IF i bring it back up sooner, I will announce
                 on discord.

*** 11/05/19 - Austinpowers semi absense. It is time to tell people why.
              a few months ago i was misdiagnosed with muscular dystrophy. 
              I was dianosed at the Cleveland Clinic with a rare form of ALS
              Lou Gerigh's disease 8 weeks ago. Soon after informing my current
              employer I was laid off, and my last day with that firm is 11/17.
              I am losing the use of my left arm and now looking for
              a Job. Just wanted people to know and that i needed the time away.
              I apologize for late responses, and lack of updates. 

*******   REMINDER: You can have two characters logged in, but
         you must log out any other character. Breaking link
         and logging in another character still counts as 3 characters.

*******  REMINDER: Several characters have been caught botting. We have
         said before, please do not BOT. Now warnings will be
         going out. If you feel that you have a reason we should ignore
         or forgo this rule, please state your case to the Jedi-Admin.
         Thank you.

***      We hope that you enjoy what we are trying to put forth!

--- Kailyn, Doc, Austinpowers, Ching, Ego, Despair, Sand, and Hurin
        The JediMUD Implementation Team -- jedi-admin	*jedimud.com
        JediMUD URL: http://www.jedimud.com/


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