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                  <| Last Reported On:2/09/2022 |>
                  <|      By: Austinpowers      |>

   Doc is now retired. In his place, Ching has now been promoted to CIMP.
   Along those lines Lordwillia and Sand have been promoted to God's. 
   Stay turned for more news.

   Help files restored for Mortals/immortals... PLEASE NOTE:
   Spaces in help searches are no longer valid. 
   Example: help judgment of the gods ==> help judgment-of-gods
   It is a limitation of SQL for now. 

   PLEASE REMEMBER to use DNS (Jedimud.com) and not its IP. 
   Though we have NO intention to move us again or change the IP, we
   cannot control all the external forces. Email remains the same.
   Please see "help admin email" for further information.

   As a reminder, the game is paid for and supported by the JediMUD

   The JediMud Admin Team

 --- Kailyn, Austinpowers, Ching, Ego, Despair, Sand, Lordwilliam and Hurin
           The JediMUD Implementation Team -- jedi-admin@@jedimud.com
           JediMUD URL: http://www.jedimud.com/


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