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Quests on JediMUD are each as unique as the individuals involved in running and approving them. One day, your quest may be simply to answer trivia questions on the quest channel. The next day, you may have to stave off teeming hordes of barbarians as they invade one of the fair cities of the realm! Itís a matter of imagination, and how far the people involved are willing to go to entertain the populace of the MUD, as well as themselves!

Quests are run from time to time, at the discretion of the immortals, and the administrative staff where applicable. The position of QSTR has been recently reinstated, so there have been many more trivia and other small quests to be found then there had been in the past. If you want to run in a quest, just keep your eyes on the quest channel, and make sure to keep up to date on the quest board, one of which can be found in each hometown.


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